Underneath It All: A Submarine Bedtime Story


After struggling with an explanation for my children about why Daddy was away, I decided to write a book explaining the day to day life aboard a submarine. With my husband’s help, I tried to write the book in a way that little ones would understand. I hope it will not only inform, but comfort your children as well. My book serves as a reminder that our sailors are always working hard to keep their loved ones safe and provided for. I hope your family enjoys this story!

Click on the link below to purchase your copies.


Click below for the soft cover version.


Click below for the hard cover / board book version


Orders to United Kingdom must also click below for additional shipping fees to complete transaction. Thank you.


Book Stats:

  • 24 pages including the cover
  • Board book or Soft cover versions- 8×8 inches
  • A sneak peek at more pages below
  • *All images are copyright 2015 – Joe Tschida, illustrator




Thank you for your support!

2 thoughts on “Underneath It All: A Submarine Bedtime Story

  1. Very Cool! I don’t have kids yet but I am ordering it for my wife to add to her children’s “boat books” collection. I read it this morning in medical while waiting for an appointment. GREAT advertising!


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